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A Witches' Ball

From Brain Power Studio,

Inspired by the book!

The Witches' Ball


Second Grade Here I Come Book Cover
Preschool Here I Come Book Cover

"Children can celebrate the special teacher in their life with this collection of short poems that sings the praises of the excellent educator they know and love. This is the perfect gift book for any teacher."

King Louie's Shoes

Illustrations Copyright Adrian C. Sinnott

Available for free on the App Store for iPhone & iPad

The Beach Ball
First Grade Here I Come
Christmas, Here I Come!


Award-winning graphic novel series:

Kindergarten Here I Come
The Turkey Ball
Club Pet and Other Funny Poems

Illustrations Copyright Brian Smith

Theo's Thanksgiving
How to be Kind in Kindergarten
Passover, Here I Come!
Hanukkah, Here I Come!
Grasshopper Pie and Other Poems

"A helpful addition to any kindergarten shelf... Adult and children will have fun reading this primer together..."



Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy 4: Grow Up!
Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy 3: Game On!



D.J. Steinberg, author
Robert Neubecker, illustrator

Junior Library Guild Selection, 2017

“Young readers will kick up their heels..."


Readers young and old will relate to this silly and sweet story of King Louie XIV—-a man who had it all, but still felt small.”


Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy 2: Mac Attack!
The Bunny Ball

it was quickly followed by these other rhyming early readers (Ages 5-8) illustrated by the great Adrian Sinnott...

Illustrations Copyright Liz Conrad, except Theo's Thanksgiving copyright Julia Woolf


Holiday board books from PSS!/Penguin Young Readers


Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy 1: Sound Off!

My first published book from way back in 2004, STILL IN PUBLICATION

Monster Mall and Other Spooky Poems

This is the book that started it all!  Written for my first son when he was a baby, I illustrated it and self-published it, available now on Lulu.com.  CLICK COVER FOR LINK.

A Witches' Ball movie poster

A Series To Help Children prepare for the Milestones in Their Lives!

Ages 3-8

Special edition family gift book for new babies or one-year-old birthdays. In Confessions of a Milk Addict, the first-time dad/author records the wonders of life’s first year in a collection of pictures and rhymes. This unique journal captures the heart and humor of the most dramatic year of life for both baby and parent, a journey of discovery from spit up to first steps and everything in between. So relax, pour a tall glass of milk, and step inside. You may never look at babies the same again...

Caveman Manners and Other Polite Poems
The Snow Ball

Download The Snow Ball eBook

Confessions of a Milk Addict

"...characters that present ethnic and racial diversity join with rhyming verse to remind readers of the importance of kindness..."