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Screaming into stores near you...The Adventures of Daniel Boom AKA LOUD BOY!
Book #1: SOUND OFF!
Born with no volume control on his voice, Daniel Boom taps into his inner superhero to become Loud Boy. Along with his pals who have their own bad habits (aka superpowers), he battles the cranky old Kid-Rid Corporation, which has evil plans to silence the world forever with its terrible Soundsucker LX machine. Can these unlikely heroes succeed?
Book #2: MAC ATTACK!
Evil Kid-Rid has yet another sinister scheme. This time, they're teaming up with a new villain--Stillville Elementary's kid-hating lunch lady, Eda Grossweiner. Can Loud Boy, Chatterbox, Fidget, Tantrum Girl, and Destructo Kid stop kids everywhere from eating the suspicious new batch of mac and cheese before it is too late!
Book #3: GAME ON!
Fresh from his victory over Kid-Rid, Daniel doesn’t get a moment’s rest before he gets tangled up in yet another crazy adventure. This time, the new kid in school introduces Daniel to an addictive new video game: It’s so engrossing that Daniel actually gets sucked into it, body and all! His sister and friends act fast to locate a mysterious object that will rescue Loud Boy and every game-playing kid before the video game bad guys get to them first!
Book #4: GROW UP!
Why are Loud Boy and friends suddenly acting like little old people, while those crusty old Kid Rid villains are now turning cartwheels in the street? Is it any coincidence that all this topsy-turvy business started after Doctor Docter came out of hiding? Only one way to find out. Pick up Loud Boy #4. Too scared? Oh... GROW UP